Competitive Exhibits: Fine Arts & Photography Results

ND State Fair Photography, Fine Arts, and Writing Results 


 Color Prints

Best of Division and Best of Show – Greg Rossow of Minot, Lighted Wings

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Tanner Thompson of Ray – Baltimore Skyline
  • Joel Dennis of Stanley – Call of the Wild
  • Richard Debertin of Berthold – Lexi W.
  • Twyla Hofer of Minot – Stardust
  • Richard Debertin of Berthold – Pink & Pretty
  • Richard Debertin of Berthold – Way To Go JoJo
  • Richard Debertin of Berthold – Evening at the Fair
  • Erich Linser of Brulington – Sunset Interrupted

Black/White/Sepia Prints

Best of Division – Erich Linser of Burlington, Gang on the Range

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Erich Linser of Burlington – In The Stubble
  • Tim Zeltinger of Glenburn – The Trapper
  • Janet Wing of Minot – Looking at You Looking a
  • Allyson Berner of Minot – Triple T
  • Jess Turck of Garrison – Won’t Back Down
  • Janet Wing of Minot – Shadows
  • Richard Debertin of Berthold – Happy Clown
  • Melissa Post of Minot – Walk A Mile in My Boots

Junior Photography

Best of Division – Melissa Dougan of Minot

  • Tegan Lee of Plaza
  • Keiyree Hutchins of Minot – Summertime
  • Lydia Repnow of Minot – Grill and Chill


 Original Work – Adult

Best of Show – Len Haabak of Minot

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Vicki Benzmiller of Coleharbor, 2 ribbons
  • Len Haabak of Minot
  • Sharon Inman of Minot, 3 ribbons
  • Marcia Sickler of Gladstone, 2 ribbons
  • Joan Youngerman of Cando, 3 ribbons
  • Jerry Bakke of Minot
  • Heather Adam of Bismarck, 3 ribbons
  • Tammy Jo Hoffert of Minot
  • Aaron Johnson of Minot
  • Janel Mindt of Minot
  • Vida Klocke of Underwood
  • Brenda Middaugh of Minot

Amateur Class – Adult

Best of Division – Marilyn Niewoehner of Rugby with City Scape

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Marilyn Niewoehner of Rugby, 4 ribbons
  • Sandra Grebin of Max
  • Marcia Sickler of Gladstone, 5 ribbons
  • Diana Adam of Minot, 3 ribbons
  • Dot Tedrow of Palermo
  • Sharon Inman of Berthold, 2 ribbons
  • Charles Repnow of Minot

Taxidermy – Adult

Blue Ribbon Winner

  • Susan Schmitt of New England

Crafts – Adult

Best in Division – Loretta Schmaltz of Minot

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Paulette Lozensky of Max
  • Rita Christianson of Minot
  • Michelle Billadeau of Raub
  • Gerry Burns of Surrey
  • Janice Talley of Lansford, 4 ribbons
  • Marilyn Niewoehner of Rugby
  • Charles Repnow of Minot
  • Jan Repnow of Minot, 2 ribbons
  • Joan Youngerman of Cando
  • Del Rae A. Martin of Bismarck
  • Loretta Schmaltz of Minot
  • Jenny Yearous of Bismarck

Collective Dolls/Doll Related

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Ginny Bakke of Minot, 4 ribbons
  • Linda Alexander of Minot

Junior Art

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Caber Bryce-Volk of Devils Lake, 2 ribbons
  • Abigail Meier of Bismarck, 4 ribbons
  • Izabelle Shafer of Glen Ullin
  • Chrissy Vaughn of Palermo, 2 ribbons
  • Daryn Coblentz of Karlsruhe, 2 ribbons
  • Kara Graeber of Bismarck, 3 ribbons
  • Casandra J Merritt of Sawyer

Junior Crafts

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Aiden Bryce-Volk of Devils Lake
  • Caber Bryce-Volk of Devils Lake, 2 ribbons
  • Joel Milam of Minot
  • Jackson Brossart of Rugby
  • Maizy Frey of Minot
  • Jeremiah Arndt of Bismarck
  • Lydia Repnow of Minot
  • Matthew Schaper of Halliday
  • Peyton Vix of Sawyer
  • Wayne Roberts of Minot AFB
  • Alyssa Arndt of Bismarck
  • Conner Rudland of Minot

Child’s Art

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Ellie Arndt of Bismarck
  • Kevin Olson of Bismarck
  • Emelie Schaper of Halliday
  • Samantha Schaper of Halliday
  • Sarah Schaper of Halliday 

Child’s Craft

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Yipsi Dinsmoore of Minot
  • Logan Herrington of Minot
  • Zoey Herrington of Minot
  • Grace D Merritt of Sawyer, 2 ribbons
  • Kennedy Rader of Valley City, 2 ribbons
  • Luke D Merritt of Sawyer
  • Sirena Fransen of Makoti, 2 ribbons
  • Siri Bryce-Volk of Devils Lake, 2 ribbons
  • Calvin Piispanen of Minot
  • Emelie Schaper of Halliday

Senior Citizen Arts & Crafts

Best of Division – Loretta Schmaltz of Minot

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Loretta Schmaltz of Minot, 3 ribbons
  • Marcia Sickler of Gladstone
  • Dot Tedrow of Palermo
  • Joan Youngerman of Cando
  • Rita Christianson of Minot
  • Connie Scott of Hebron
  • Gerry Burns of Surrey
  • Vicki Benzmiller of Coleharbor
  • Gladys Mack of Hazen

Born Again Junk

Best of Show – Wanda Bachmeier of Granville

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Kayla Jackson of Minot
  • Ashley Miller of Granville
  • Mike Hutchins of Minot
  • Laura Fransen of Makoti
  • Wanda Bachmeier of Granville
  • Hadley Magilke of Granville


Best of Show – Lydia Repnow of Minot, “Raised By Music”

Best of Show – Makayla Meicher of Max, “The Skydivers”

Best in Class – Elliot Glassheim of Grand Forks, “A Gift for My Wife”

Best of Show – Lee Murdock of Grand Forks, “The Entombed Chickens”

Blue Ribbon Winners

  • Laura Vega of Portal, “Reasons”
  • Casandra Merritt of Sawyer, “John Paul Jones and the Battle of the Bonhomme Richard”
  • Tyler Hancock of Minot, “Dance”

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