CUTE ANIMALS and WHERE to find them

Who doesn’t love cute animals? Here at the North Dakota State Fair, tons of exhibitors have come from all around to show some of their best animals, and you won’t want to miss out on checking some of them out! In order to find some of these furry and feathery friends, we’ve compiled a LIST of some and Where you can find them! Check out our MAP below to zoom in on each building!



Cluck, cluck cluck! Look at their little beaks! You can find them in the POULTRY BARN which is NUMBER 12 on the map!


14607774788_5ca1c4b3de_z (1)

We have competitors showing both BEEF and DAIRY cattle here at the Fair! You can check them out at the BEEF and DAIRY BARNS which are NUMBERS 11 and 12 on the map!



Haven’t been over to see the GOATS yet? You can visit them at the 4-H and FFA BARN which is NUMBER 9 on the map!



Gallop on over to the HORSE BARN I or II which are NUMBERS 6 and 7 on the map to check out the horses! Large and small, theirs are the only long faces we want to see at the Fair!



It would be baaaaa-d to miss out on seeing the sheep here at the Fair! You can pay them a visit in the EXPO BARN which is NUMBER 10 on the map but only through today!




Don’t hop away without seeing the rabbits! You can check them out at the BUNNY BARN which is NUMBER 15 on our map!




This little piggy cried “Whee, whee, whee” all the way to the State Fair! You can pay them a visit at EXPO BARN (NUMBER 10) starting tomorrow!

If you still would like more help finding these cute critters, there are maps available throughout the Fairgrounds!

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