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Equine Natural Care® strives to promote optimal equine wellness by offering a complete line of naturally derived herbal equine blends. We pair herbal support with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® process so that the individual animal can have access to the blends it needs in the order that provides the most benefit.
Equine Natural Care® offers the absolute highest quality herbs in our blends. All of our herbs are purchased from Starwest Botanicals, located in California, where they are also blended and packaged. Starwest products meet our strict requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity. Each herb in every Equine Natural Care® blend (100%) goes through a three-day extensive testing procedure for purity and quality by Starwest before being used. Affiliate products from Arthur & Andrew Medical and help you provide even more for your equine partner as well as yourself.
The Equine Energetic Evaluation® is taught as a part of Equine Natural Care’s two-day training that each distributor must complete in order to learn about the different herbs in our blends and to understand how these blends can sustain the body systems that they were designed to support. This is taught exclusively to Equine Natural Care® distributors. Along with quality products, Equine Natural Care® considers education among our top priorities.
The Equine Natural Care® herbal blends were designed to work hand in hand along with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® process and have proven over and over again to be a great success! There is simply no better product on the market than Equine Natural Care®.



You can find Bar S Naturals in Commercial II Building, Booth # 1083

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