Goodon Industries- Vendor Spotlight

Why More People Choose Goodon Buildings

Goodon Industries has established itself as the leading post frame construction company in Canada recognized for their quality, value and service. Check out Goodon Industries in the Commercial II Building, booth #1093-1094!!



Goodon Industries pioneered post frame construction in Western Canada 40 years ago. The building system proved to be efficient to build, exceptionally strong, virtually maintenance free and economical.


Goodon Industries’ agriculture buildings are pre-engineered to the National Farm Building Code. Commercial buildings are engineered to both provincial and local codes. All Goodon Industries’ buildings come with a warranty.

Specialized Labour

One of the important aspects of the Goodon Industries building process is the labour – all of which is done exclusively for Goodon Industries. By maintaining an “in-house” workforce, Goodon Industries can provide no-hassle customer service. Goodon Industries’ crews are extremely skilled in post frame construction, using the latest technology, techniques and equipment. By keeping current, they keep labour costs down which means increased savings for the customer. Faster, more streamlined construction means your building goes up quickly. In addition to being very efficient, they take pride in their workmanship and ensure that your project is done right – and on time. Goodon Industries’ labour force, based across Western Canada and the Midwestern U.S., often are able to put up a medium-sized building in one day.


Energy Efficient

Goodon Industries’ post frame buildings are easy to insulate to today’s high-energy standards. The insulation is virtually solid in the walls and because there’s no top plate, you get a total blanket of insulation. Goodon Industries’ superior insulation gives you a lifetime of energy savings.

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