Concert DOs and DON’Ts

Are you excited to see one of your favorite acts perform this year at the North Dakota State Fair?

We kicked it off last night with FALL OUT BOY, and we’ve got quite a few to go with Billy Currington tonight, LOCASH, Old Dominion, Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, and KISS still to go! With so many awesome upcoming events, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of DO’s and DON’Ts to make everyone’s concert experience a great one!


DON’T bring too many items.

It’s a concert! You’re here to have fun and listen to some great music! Though we know purses and other items are essential, don’t bring too much! If your bag is too big it will just get in the way and possibly cause issues for yourself and others around you. Plus, certain items like folding chairs are not allowed in our Grandstand venue, and of course no weapons! We will have people searching items at the door, and the less you have the easier it is for everyone involved. If you have any questions about what you can bring, just ask!

DON’T push and shove.

You’re jamming out to one of your favorite songs when suddenly, someone gets shoved into you and you drop your phone, or your drink gets spilled all over! Not cool! You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, so don’t cause it to happen to anyone else.

We understand you want to be as close to the stage as possible, but so does everyone else. If you need to move closer to the stage, please respect everyone near you and don’t shove into them!

DON’T watch the concert through your phone.

You’re here to see the act live! If you want to watch it on a screen, that’s what television and YouTube videos are for. Plus, if you spend the whole time holding up your phone, you risk killing your battery, or if someone bumps into you, you could drop it or lose it. Often during the concert, reception isn’t the best anyway, so just live in the moment and have fun!

DON’T lose control.

We definitely recommend having a drink at the concerts as long as you’re of legal age, but don’t go too crazy! Here at the North Dakota State Fair, we want to avoid as many mishaps as possible, and that includes drinking related incidents. If you don’t think you can handle yourself, don’t have that extra beer. We want all of our concert goers to have fun, and it can be difficult to have an ideal time when there are fights, alcohol getting thrown around, and people getting kicked out. Have fun, just don’t go overboard.


DO shower.

We know that with so many people all in one area and the summer temperatures, things are going to get hot. Help combat the sweaty bodies and BO by showering regularly and putting on a little extra deodorant before the show! Your fellow concert goers will thank you!

DO take photos.

Though staring at the concert through your phone poses risks to your phones battery life and possibly screen, we still want you to take photos of your experience! Take selfies, zoom in on the stage, just don’t live through your phone! We want you to have memorable photos that you can post (and hopefully tag us in) and we also want you to see Billy Currington pointing your way, or KISS tossing a guitar pick into the audience!

DO have a good time!

We want you to dance, sing along, and enjoy every moment of your North Dakota State Fair concert experience! Just remember to be respectful of your fellow concert goers. Don’t do anything at the concert that you wouldn’t want to see or experience, but still have a good time at this once in a lifetime experience!

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