Wildtree Natural Foods – Vendor Spotlight

WILDTREE Natural Foods: Rediscover cooking & healthy eating the Wildtree way!


Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be natural, nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare – all at the same time. By using Wildtree herb & spice blends and mixes, your family can enjoy healthy meals that taste great!

While we do not advocate that Wildtree products cure illnesses, we can assure you that helping our children eat natural, nutritious foods that do not aggravate existing medical conditions or food allergies and sensitivities is the driving force behind the development of Wildtree products. Our products are made with the finest ingredients available and contain no preservatives, dyes, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, additives, or MSG’s. Many products are gluten-free or lower in sugars and sodium.

Wildtree Coconut and Grapeseed Oils are expeller pressed; no external heat is applied and no chemicals are used. Select Coconut Oil or your favorite Wildtree Grapeseed Oil ( Roasted Garlic, Zesty Lemon, Basil, Pesto or another flavor). Versatile, delicious and good for you, these oils allow the pure flavor of fresh food to come through. Choose the perfect blend for your sauteing, baking, basting, and frying or in your salad dressings and marinades.


Savor the Wildtree samples or the business opportunity. You can make a difference for your family or for your community! Pick up Wildtree Fair specials or have our Fair Deal shipped directly to your home! Wildtree is at the Commercial II Building, Booth 2021. Shop online at www.mywildtree.com/SimplyGreenFood/


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