A Tiny House featured on HGTV will be shown at the North Dakota State Fair!


A tiny house featured on the HGTV show “Tiny House Big Living” will be shown at the North Dakota State Fair. Jim Nelson, a North Dakota builder, created a unique tiny house that will air on the show on Monday, June 20 at 9:30 p.m. CST.

“I’ve always like miniature things,” said Jim Nelson, the builder who created a 140-square-foot home that can tilt from horizontal to vertical. “I enjoy designing homes that utilize every nook and cranny,” explains Nelson. He’s been building and designing homes for 25 years.

Tiny houses are a new phenomenon quickly becoming popular in home design. “People are into reducing their material possessions and payments monthly and using the savings to enjoy life,” explains Nelson.

“HGTV people were awesome and very fun to work with. Between shoots we sometimes shot hoops or watched Youtube videos.” Nelson enjoyed his time on television, and he is looking forward to showing his homes at the North Dakota State Fair, “We are excited to share our tiny house at the Fair and discuss tiny house living with North Dakota residents.”

Find the tiny house and many other attractions at the North Dakota State Fair, July 22nd – 30th. For more information visit www.ndstatefair.com

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  1. Jim Nelson,
    Where do I signup for a tiny tilt house! Love it! Please build me one!!!

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