North Dakota State Fair’s Local Impact Continues to Grow


MINOT, N.D. – The North Dakota State Center stays busy in their off season hosting many of the city’s largest annual events, preparing for the North Dakota State Fair and looking for opportunities to bring new events and people to Minot.

“Who knew – 50 years ago when the first state fair was held here – that the fairgrounds and our facilities would become the center of entertainment and cultural events in northcentral North Dakota? When I look at our footprint in the city of Minot, I’m so proud of the many ways we add to the quality of life for people who have varied interests – from concerts to gardening, from a monster truck show to curling, from an ag expo to the Shrine Circus,” said Renae Korslien, Manager of the North Dakota State Fair. “Almost everyone in this community has been touched by events on the State Fairgrounds. It’s especially exciting that, as new events are added, we are connecting with an even broader local audience.”

(4-H HALL : Craft Show & KX Sports Show)

4-H hall(1)Boats and Campers

Part of the mission of the North Dakota State Fair and the State Fair Center is to work to get new events in the facility and in Minot. “We are always looking for different events to bring to the Fairgrounds. We have such a beautiful Grandstand and so much space, there are a lot of events that would be a great fit here,” explained Craig Rudland, Assistant Manager of the North Dakota State Fair. “If we want to compete with Bismarck, Grand Forks or Fargo, we have to be able to offer the right events at the right price and we put in a lot of work to make sure that happens.” In recent years, the North Dakota State Fairgrounds has benefitted from $5 million in updates and renovations. “It’s crucial that we keep these Fairgrounds in excellent shape so these outside events can see themselves here and we can continue to provide the best experience for the public.”

An equally important part of the State Fair Center’s year is providing support and helping to grow the events that continue to bring visitors to Minot. The North Dakota State Fair Center is home to many of Minot’s largest annual events. The North Dakota State Fair, Norsk Hostfest, KMOT Ag Expo, Motor Magic, KX Sport Show, MAB Home and Garden Show, Minot Curling Club,  Y’s Men’s Rodeo and the Shrine Circus are just a few of the annual events that take place on the Fairgrounds, and some of those events can even take place at the same time. “Our space is a huge advantage for us as we are able to host things like a Monster Truck show and the MAB Home and Garden show at the same time,” said Rudland. The Fairgrounds are booked for over 2,000 “contracted days” for the year which is only possible because of the size and versatility of the space.

(ALL SEASON’S ARENA : KMOT Ag Expo & Hostfest concert)

KMOT Ag Expo16Hostfest_all seasons arena

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of the largest event at the Fairgrounds, the North Dakota State Fair. In the last 15 years the attendance at the Fair has grown about 100,000 and it continues to be a great event for the city and for the state. “The North Dakota State Fair is definitely the highlight of our year and our main focus. Our attendance has stayed above 300,000 and that’s good for the Fair, good for Minot, and good for North Dakota” said Beth Ryan, Marketing Director at the North Dakota State Fair. “The Fair is part of the community as well as the state and every year, we work to make sure it’s the best it can be.”

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