Experience the Island Flavors of Trinidad & Tobago

Come in to Commercial Building II and Experience the flavor of Trinidad in a salsa or BBQ sauce. Singh’s Caribbean Heat located at booth numbers 1044, 1045 and 1046. Singh’s Caribbean Heat has been providing authentic Hot Sauces and spices from the Island of Trinidad & Tobago and all over the world for the last 30 years. Mama Julie is a subsidiary and brings true authentic salsa ranging in heat from Mild-Ghost pepper hot, Along with BBQ sauces that will tickle your taste bud delightfully. Singh’s Caribbean Heat carries a very wide array of Hot sauces from Jalapeno- Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, which is the hottest, pepper rated on the “Scoville Chart” ┬áDR Joe’s medicine is the latest member of the “Hot Sauce family” which is all natural with no added preservatives and packs a ghost pepper punch! All of Mama Julie’s home-style salsa and BBQ sauces are all made with no added preservatives and all natural. Mama Julies has a wide variety of salsas from Mild-Extremely hot on through to many delicious fruit salsas. Mango, Cranberry, Pineapple and cherry are just a few of Mama Julies fruit Salsas that will make all your salsa dreams come true!

Singh’s Caribbean Heat located at booth 1044, 1045 and 1046 inside Comm II.

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