State Fair Center Enhancements

As a definite need for both the North Dakota State Fair Center and the
City of Minot, construction is currently taking place throughout the
center and the grounds. In FFA, located inside the ND State Fair Center,
improvements include a new HVAC System, dividing walls to separate
FFA Hall into three meeting rooms, three drop-down projection screens,
a new sound system and new LED lights.
“We are very excited about this progress,” states Renae Korslien, ND
State Fair General Manager. “The State Fair Event Center has been rapidly
increasing rental business and we are looking forward to taking this one
step further and offering a facility that will fulfill even more requests.”
However, changes are not only taking place indoors. You will also notice
that inside the State Fair gates the asphalt is being replaced. “State
legislature has already provided $2.75 MM to support this project and this
year, the State Fair has invested $750,000. The board plans to request an
additional $1.7MM from the legislature this winter to continue asphalt
replacement,” shares General Manager Renae Korslien.

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