NDSF Board Approves Enhancement of State Fair Center

On Tuesday, February 11, 2014 the North Dakota State Fair Board approved the hiring of architect and engineering services to enhance meeting space in the North Dakota State Fair Center.  The board views this as a definite need for both the center and the city of Minot, due to increased development across the State and additional requests for expanded meeting room space.

“We are very excited about this progress,” states Renae Korslien, ND State Fair General Manager. “The State Fair Event Center has been rapidly increasing rental business and we are looking forward to be taking this one step further and offering a facility that will fulfill even more requests.”

Some of the plans the board has in mind for the State Fair Center include room dividers, acoustical treatment, new lighting, HVAC upgrades, increased technology and enhanced security systems.

As Minot grows, the needs for meeting space and convention amenities in the city have also been growing. Wendy Howe, Executive Director with Visit Minot, emphasizes that there has been a definite need for these improvements. “On behalf of Visit Minot, we understand that these enhancements help us attract more conventions and events to the State Fair Center,” says Wendy, “Visit Minot has received requests for many of these items in the past. We really feel that this will be an added tool to help gather more organizations to the Minot area.”

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