NDSF Helps Fight Hunger in ND

Great PlainsIn conjunction with IAFE’s goal and theme “Dream Big” the North Dakota State Fair is initiating two new programs to aid the Great Plains Food Bank in creating a hunger free North Dakota. For the first time in its history, the North Dakota State Fair is hosting a canned food drive during the Fair.  On Monday, July 22, State Fair staff are asking all patrons to help in their contribution to the Great Plains Food Bank by donating a non-perishable food item at the admission gates.   The Great Plains Food Bank will then distribute the food throughout local food pantries in North Dakota. With an average Monday attendance of around 28,000 patrons, this will make a significant impact on the lives of those less fortunate than us in our area.

To help kick-off this campaign and inspire Fair patrons to help in our goals, thebnsf
North Dakota State Fair is bringing in a unique display featuring a combine and field that will be constructed entirely out of canned food items. This unique structure will be the centerpiece of the Main Entrance to the State Fair Center and is a must see for the 2013 North Dakota State Fair. Best of all, the cans of food from the display will be donated to the Great Plains Food Bank at the conclusion of the Fair!

kcjb-am_mobile_logo_1_1309969505A combine constructed of  over 15,000 canned food items is the perfect symbol of ending hunger in North Dakota because harvest is the true symbol of providing food. North Dakota Farmers contribute enough wheat for 11.6 billion loaves of bread, enough potatoes for 2.6 billion servings of French Fries and enough durum for 14 billion servings of spaghetti. With the hard work of North Dakota farmers and food drive donations, we can work towards a hunger free North Dakota.

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