Brazen Bulls & Crazy Cowboys

State Fair rodeo fans never get enough of watching the skills that made North Dakota so important in the ranching business. That’s why the Fair is continuing to bring 2 nights of  Ranch Rodeo back in 2013. In these competitions, area cowboys and cowgirls compete in real ranch jobs, like trailer loading cow doctoring or cutting one steer out of a bunch, and don’t forget  the  infamous wild-cow milking contest!

Contests are timed with a stop watch as two teams at a time try to out-do each other. The cowboys do match their shirts, but it is far from the glamour of the modern fair ranch rodeo 218rodeo with its glitter. In a Ranch Rodeo, the riders use their own horses, evident to the audience who enjoy the familiarity in the arena.  This year’s Ranch Rodeos’ are scheduled for Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday July 26 with both performances starting at 7pm in the All Season’s Arena.

Another favorite for thrill seekers is the NPRA Championship Bull-Riding in which the best area and state riders take on the roughest stock around,  provided by Mosbruckers of Mandan. Bull Riding begins at 7pm, Monday, July 23 and wraps up Tuesday, July 24 in the All Seasons Arena.

Both NPRA Championship Bull Riding and Ranch Rodeo tickets can be purchased online at, by calling 701-857-7620 or at the State Fair Center office. The tickets will also be available prior to each event at the will call window at the State  Fair Center.

Those who want more horses can check out the Pony Pull, Saturday, July 20 at 3pm in Arena II. These little teams challenge their muscles against a weighted sledge, pulling far more than their own weight. The big boys in the equine world take their turn at the sled at 5pm on Sunday,  July 21, in the All Seasons Arena. Several area teamsters have entered their huge working horses for the popular contest. Both horse pull events are sponsored by IRET.

Other horse events include:

  • Miss NDSF Rodeo Horsemanship Contest, July 19, 8am, Arena II
  • Team Roping sponsored by Tractor Supply Company, July 19, 12:00pm, Arena II
  • Draft Horse Event Classes, sponsored by Tractor Supply Company, July 20, 5:30pm, Arena II
  • Draft Horse Hitch Competition, 1:30 to 3:30pm, July 22, All Seasons Arena
  • Quarter Horse Double Judge Show, July 20, 8am. All Seasons Arena
  • Open Western-English Show, July 21, 10am, Arena II and All Seasons Arena
  • 4-H &FFA Horse Shows, July 22, 23 & 24, 8am, Arena II
  • Miniature and Morgan Shows, July 26, 8am, Arena II
  • Cutting Contest, July 27, 9am and July 28, 8am All Seasons Arena

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