Food Frenzy- The Results are in!

With so many fair foods to choose from, how do you decide what to snack on? Well a team of local celebrities have done the hard work of tasting all the new foods on the midway.

The first annual Food Frenzy competition judging took place this morning with our crew of fearless eaters tasted the following items-

Deep Fried Brownies from My Wife’s Kitchen


 Philly Corndog from Straights Concessions


Pork Sausage Smackers from A&M Concessions


Sweet Potato Puffs from A&M Concessions


The third place winner in our food frenzy competition is Thomsen’s Rootbeer with Red Velvet Funnel Cake

 The second place winner of our food frenzy contest, the Italian Stallion from M & S concessions.

 The first place winner was Poutine from Walleye on a Stick


  1. I thought they still did have pinnapple whip at the booth you can sit on stools at north of the kxbooth?

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