Sing your heart out!

Join us daily at 7pm and 10:45pm on the Dakota Talent Stage in the SRT State Fair Park for Crowd Pleasers Karaoke. Registration takes place just minutes before the start of the competition and we have selections in country, pop, classic rock or hip hop want to hear you sing them! Whether you are the next American Idol or completely tone deaf, all are welcome to come out and have a great time!

For those a little more on the musically inclined side of things, State Fair T-shirts are awarded to our daily winners in both the adult and junior (16 and under) divisions. The winners will then be invited to compete in the championship sing-offs held on Tuesday, July 24 and Saturday, July 28 at the Jukebox Junkie Stage. The overall champions of the finals will receive a $50 gift certificate donated by Jacobsen Music.


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