Santa Lucia

The ultimate Greek and Italian experience- Homemade pastries, bread and more 3 Fargo locations to serve you.


The Simeonidis brothers arrived to North America in 1963 from the small farm town of Drama, Greece and settled amid the quaint mining town of Thompson, Manitoba Canada. In those days there weren’t a lot of choices for immigrants; so the brothers landed jobs working for the Nickel Mines of Inco. After several long hard laboring years they saved enough money to follow their passion for good food, wine, and the ultimate dining experience opening the first Santa Lucia Restaurant in 1970. Within the year, business was so brisk that the help of Sevasti, Anna, Val, and Helen was required. The wives cooked, while the men walked the dining room insuring each customer had the dining experience worthy of a repeat visit to Santa Lucia. In 1975, the brothers ventured to the big city, opening the first Winnipeg location, and eventually opening seven restaurants.

As the second generation Simeonidis’ grew up wanting to open their own stores. Archie decided he wanted his children Maria and Alex to expand to the USA, opening their first location in Fargo. Maria married Geoff and the three formed a partnership and began the great American dream! Currently they own and operate one location in Fargo seating 130 guests and travel the US taking their original family’s recipes to over fifty festivals.

Visit our booth on the Midway for delicious Mediterranean Food! Home

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