Emu- The Natural Alternative

Is your skin dry, irritated? Did you get a nasty sunburn or bug bite? Emu Oil is what you need. Find it in Commercial Building II just inside the front door.

Emu Oil improves dry, red, itchy and painful skin FAST!! It absorbs quickly, no oily or greasy feel. It’s anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and pain. Are you skin sensitive? Emu oil does not have added ingrediants nor fragrances-can be used for all skin types. Stop in to see us, the ND Emu Association booth, in Commercial Building II. Try the tester bottles, check it out for yourslef. Vitality Emu Oil Products- it’s Pure Skin Nutrition. Improve and maintain healthy skin with Vitality’s Hand and Body Lotion, Extra Strength Skin Care, Lip Balm, Facial Moisturizer and Soap, These products contain emu oil, natural ingredients, and essential oils. For sore muschles and joints, try our NEW Pain Formula. It contains emu oil, menthols and natural ingredients to reduce pain and inflammation for arthrities-type pain, strained muscles and tired feet.

Find Vitality Emy Oil Products at the ND EMu Association booth #1051 just inside the front door of Commercial Building II.

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