What’s Your Ice Cream Dream?

From the famous Red River Valley and Lake Sakakawea, to grandma’s hotdish and chokecherry pies, how does North Dakota inspire you? Even better, what would it taste like as an ice cream flavor? Cass-Clay Creamery kicks off its first-ever Cass-Clay Ice Cream Dream Flavor contest with the opportunity to take your perspective of North Dakota and turn it into a cool ice cream flavor. As the cherry on top, local residents have a chance to win $1,000 and see their dream flavor in the freezer aisle with their name on the package!

“Cass-Clay has a deep heritage and 78-year history that continues to focus on ‘making good things better’ and we feel that in order to live that philosophy, it is important to hear from the people buying our products,” shared Rachel Kyllo, Class-Clay Creamery marketing spokesperson. “We are excited to see what new flavors our fans will dream up, what inspires them, and how they will show that their flavor celebrates North Dakota.”

Earlier this summer, North Dakota residents submitted an ice cream flavor idea with the flavor name, flavor ingredients and North Dakota inspiration. The winning flavor will be produced by Cass-Clay as the newest ice cream flavor in the 2013 line-up.

The contest will conclude at the 2012 North Dakota State Fair in July where a live celebrity judging panel will select the winning flavor. The Ice Cream Dream Flavor Tasting Event will take place on the Dakota Talent Stage on Tuesday July 24, from 3:00pm-6:00pm with judging taking place from 4:00-4:30.  Make sure you stop by and sample the two finalist ice cream flavors from Cass-Clay and check the freezer aisles in 2013 to see if your favorite won!



  1. Can’t wait to try the newly created Cass-Clay ice cream flavors at the North Dakota State Fair next Tuesday afternoon!

  2. Hi — I am one of the two finalists and hope that if you are at the fair on July 24th – that you stop by the Cass Clay Flavor contest between 3 & 6 p.m. at the Dakota Talent Stage to sample the flavors “Buffalo Chip” and “Oil Patch Prairie Praline. It will be a fun afternoon! Hope to see you there!

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