Get Your Redneck On

Are you ready to relay redneck style? Get you and your teammate signed up for the 2012 North Dakota State Fair Redneck Relay Race sponsored by North Country Mercantile. This event is sure to be Great. Big. Fun. for all and will bring lots of laughter to the Fairgrounds.

Teams will:

Pan for Gold – eat through whipped cream to find three gold coins and deposit them into the bucket

Toss Corn – pick up and toss 4 ears of corn into the bucket the other teammate is holding

Shear Sheep – lather up the balloon until the bull’s eye drawn on it is covered and then shave the shaving cream off the balloon

Moonshine Run – unscrew the mason jar lid, drink the water, run to the other side of the table and spit it out into the olive container. Repeat until the water is transferred from the mason jars into the olive container

Greased Pig – haul a watermelon greased with Crisco to the finish line

Wheel Barrow Race – teams must race to the finish line while doing the good old fashioned wheel barrow race.

Don’t miss out on the Great. Big. Fun. Sign up today! Registration forms are available on the North Dakota State Fair website.

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