What’s Your Recommendation?

Great. Big. Fun. Giveaway Wednesday is here and we want to hear why you recommend the North Dakota State Fair. In return, you will be part of a drawing for a pair of Blake Shelton Tickets!

It’s easy! You can be entered in the drawing one of two ways:

1) Log on to the North Dakota State Fair Facebook Page, and enter  in why you recommend the North Dakota State Fair in the recommendations box found on the right hand side of the page. (Recommendation example: One of a kind entertainment, out of this world food, and more wild rides than one can imagine!)

2) Log on to Twitter and list your North Dakota State Fair recommendation with #ndstatefair included.  (Example: Swampmaster Alligator Show and Welde’s  Big Bears are a #ndstatefair must see!)

Either way, you will have the chance to score Blake Shelton tickets!  Hurry, the  winner will be chosen Friday afternoon.

Stay in the loop on future Great. Big. Fun. giveaways by logging on to www.Facebook.com/NDStateFair and www.twitter.com/ndstatefair. Each Wednesday we’ll post a new way to score a Great. Big. Fun. Giveaway! And we will see YOU at the 2012 North Dakota State Fair!


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