Choose Your Seats!

The North Dakota State Fair is excited to offer the option to order and pick your own seats online! Here’s how:

1) Log-on to

2) Click on “Get Tickets” in the upper right hand corner of our homepage

3) Choose Grandstand Showpass – Reserved or Kid Rock Reserved and click Buy

4) Scroll down to “Select tickets by:” and click “Seating Chart”

5) Click on the colored section of your choice

6) If you want to check another section, do NOT click your browser’s back button. Click the “Choose a Different Section” button.

7) Choose your seat! All seats with an “O” are available!

8) Click buy tickets and fill out the required information

9) Make your way to the ND State Fair and enjoy the entertainment July 19-27!


If you selected Will Call for your method of delivering tickets you can stop by the State Fair Office between 8am and 5pm,  Monday – Friday and pick up your tickets.

If you want to get the best seats available quickly choose the “Best Available” option. You’ll get the best seats in the house, quickly and easily!



  1. I am very interested in buying 4 Reserved Tickets for the concerts. Thank u

  2. How to I buy tickets for Luke Bryan & Blake Shelton concerts? They are not listed on the eTix page.

  3. So if I purchase the “Grandstand Showpass” I will be admitted to all shows July 21st – July 27th?


  4. I just purchased tickets, and noticed while printing my tickets that my last name is spelled wrong. Will this affect anything while using the tickets to get into the concerts? I received my email confirmation.

  5. When buy tickets for SRO, is there any place at all to sit down, or can you bring a lawn chair to sit down?

  6. I wanted to purchase tickets to only Chris Young and Luke Bryan, how do I purchase them online? it only has kid rock and season passes.

  7. when we ordered tickets online, it said they would be held for pickup. Is there a way we can have them mailed to us because we are not going to be able to attend and have friends who would like to buy them from us. Thank you.

  8. If we buy reserved seating passes and want to stand down below for a bit is that ok?

  9. So if I purchase a Showpass will I get a ticket printed out for each show or just one ticket that I will need to use for every show? Thanks.

  10. did i imagine it or were you able to purchase drink tickets online a couple weeks ago???

  11. Hi.
    My husband and I want to see the Zac Brown band and Foreigner. So, i need to buy two grantstand showpasses that will get us into both shows? If he cant make it to foreigner, can someone else replace him with his ticket for that show?

  12. Zac Brown is available on the Grandstand Showpass only so you will need to purchase a Grandstand Showpass for each of you to be admitted into Zac Brown. Foreigner tickets are separate from the Showpass so they will be $25 each. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the ticket, somebody else can definitely use your husbands ticket if he cannot attend. Thanks!

  13. I bought 4 reserved tickets to Kid Rock. I will not be able to attend. I live in Arkansas. We are about to sell our house and we just can’t make it. I wanted my brother and his friends to use the tickets, but it says I need to show my ID and CC at the gate. Is there anyway around that? So I could print something and mail it to them.

  14. I noticed that the adult season pass is no longer available online. Is there a way to purchase these? Also, I will only be in town for two nights. Can a friend use my season pass on the other days?

  15. Hi Melissa,
    Gate admission is currently available at the Grandstand window and will also be available at the gates during the Fair. You will receive a separate ticket for each day so your friend can definitely share it with you.

  16. What is the chances that the Chris Young and Luke Bryan concerts would be sold out if I wait to buy standing only tickets when the fair starts?

  17. We still have standing room available for the Grandstand Showpass (the only way Chris Young & Luke Bryan tickets can be purchased) but its going really fast so my suggestion would be to purchase it as soon as possible. Thanks!

  18. Hi there,

    We are from Winnipeg MB and my daughters would like to see zac brown and luke bryan for the two days they are advertised then coming bac to Winnipeg on Monday night. Can you tell me what the cost is and how do I order them on line? it would be for the standing room also can I get them emailed to me after I purchase them? so once I buy them ,get the email, print off the tickets at home does she just present the paper copy when she gets there?

  19. The cost would be $75 for each. You would be purchasing the Grandstand showpass and it would cover both the concerts. You can order them online, print them off at home and the present the paper copy when she gets her. Thanks!

  20. Purchased the grandstand pass, online eTix and printed out the ticket. It is a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Can I cut out just the ticket part with the barcode and bring just that to the gate? Also can it be laminated by us and still work? Also, can I use the ticket one night, and my brother borrow and use the same ticket the next night?

  21. Do u take electronic check payment over the phone to purchase 2 grandstand passes, and 2 gate passes?

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