Bedazzle Your Bra

The North Dakota State Fair will be holding their first Bedazzle Your Bra Contest in conjunction with the Competitive Exhibits Program. The contest will be a fun way to promote breast cancer awareness and for participants to raise money for their favorite breast cancer cause.

Those entering are encouraged to be extremely creative but to keep within good taste and can choose to enter in 5 different categories: Pretty ‘N Pink, Calendar Girls (Months of the Year), Agriculture/Livestock, Rodeo, and Spirit of America.  First, second and third places in each category will be given as well as a Best of Show that will be awarded $1000. Nikki Medalen, Competitive Exhibits Director at the North Dakota State Fair, encourages groups such as County Women’s Way Coalitions and Relay for Life Teams to participate. “The idea behind appropriating $2000 in premium awards was so that there would be a significant award that could be put to good use in a way that was local to the participants,” states Medalen.  Individuals may also enter, and while there is no requirement that the winnings be given to a breast cancer charity, Medalen believes that most participants will have close ties to breast cancer anyway – either as a survivor or supporter.

Bedazzle Your Bra entries will be accepted Monday, July 16 from 10am-5pm in 4-H Hall located in the North Dakota State Fair Center. The North Dakota State Fair has partnered with the Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo Tough Enough to Wear Pink Committee so that the bras entered in the contest continue to raise awareness beyond the Fair. The bras will be donated to their program and they will use them in their fundraising campaign throughout the summer and fall, until their final event in October during the rodeo.  For more information visit or call 701-857-7620.


  1. Just wondering if all the bras entered are supposed to be pink only or can they be any color?

  2. Hi Frenchy,
    They can be any color. We have 5 different categories: Pretty n’ Pink (which is all pink), Spirit of America, Calendar Girls (months of the year), Agriculture and Livestock, and Rodeo.

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