Time to Get Crazy!

When looking forward to the North Dakota State Fair, many folks focus on the deep-fried deliciousness that can be found in the food court, the wild rides on the midway, or the lively livestock exhibits  in the barns. But the North Dakota State Fair as well as many other fairs across the United States take pride in implementing a few CRAZY contests throughout the week.

Travel and Leisure magazine featured an article, “America’s Wackiest State Fair Contests”  in August 2011 focusing on
everything from the Moo-La-Palooza Mooing Contest at the Wisconsin State Fair  to the Ugly Lamp Contest at the Kentucky State Fair to a Hale Bale Decorating Contest at the Nebraska State Fair. As a matter of fact, North Dakota State Fair’s Redneck Relay Race is also listed! These contests encourage a fun attitude, a good sense of humor and sometimes a little bit of coordination .

The North Dakota State Fair staff takes great lengths to prove that carving isn’t only for pumpkins, vegetables can be fast and furious, that kids can decorate some killer cupcakes and being a redneck is harder than it looks. We take pride in being crazy and you should too!

The ND State Fair always strives to provide something for everyone. This year, a fruit and vegetable carving contest will be held for the artists out there, a vegetable derby for those with a need for speed, and a Tweasure Hunt for the “tweeters” at the Fair. It doesn’t stop there either!  There’s a Kid’s Tractor Pull, a Cloverdale Hot Dog Eating contest, a Diaper Derby, and the list goes on and on.

Want to get involved? In the spring of 2012 start checking out the special events page on the North Dakota State Fair website.  This is where you can find all the contests and events being offered as well as registration info.

Better yet, the staff would also like to hear your suggestions. Do you have a fantastic pig call, a weird collection, or an unbelievable talent for balancing objects on your nose? Let us know what contest fits your unusual talents and you just might find it at the Fair in 2012!

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