2011 Flood Update

Despite the cancellation of the 2011 North Dakota State Fair, the State Fair staff members are working hard to bring the 2012 Fair back with a vengeance.

The Fairgrounds are coming back together one piece at a time, but with an estimated $6 million in damage, it’s not an easy process. A total of 160 acres were covered in flood water. Throughout the grounds underground electrical was damaged, asphalt was ruined causing sink holes, trees were uprooted, garbage was left behind and grass was completely destroyed.  Nineteen of the North Dakota State Fair buildings suffered massive damage.

The grounds crew spent hours cleaning garbage the flood left behind, including dumpsters, tires, hay bales, trees, sheds and more. All of the grass needed to be tilled and reseeded and the buildings needed to be cleaned and sprayed with anti-microbial disinfectant.  Anything touched by the flood water including benches, bleachers and trash cans needed to be disinfected as well.

Fortunately, the State Fair staff was able to protect over $100 million in infrastructure, but due to the cancellation of the Fair nearly $3 million were lost in revenue.  A video of the flood can be found on the Fair’s YouTube page. www.youtube.com/ndstatefair

Help the State Fair out by donating to the restoration process. Visit www.ndstatefairfoundation.com or by call 701-857-7620.

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