2011 Annual Meeting a Success

The 46th annual meeting of the North Dakota State Fair Association took place on Tuesday, November 15 in Minot, ND at the North Dakota State Fair Center. Fifty delegates and 26 visitors fought the stormy weather to attend the meeting. The meeting was called to order by President Gary Knell and a welcome was given by Bruce Walker on behalf of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce.

Business covered at the annual meeting included the review and presentation of the Fair’s annual report and audit by State Fair Manager, Renae Korslien, as well as the election of three board members. Delegates re-elected to the board of the North Dakota State Fair Association included District 2 representative Kelly Hanson of Hannaford, District 5 representative Charles Meikle of Spiritwood and District 8 representative Butch Haugland from Ambrose.  Korslien also shared experiences from the devastating 2011 Flood and the moments that lead to the cancellation of the 2011 North Dakota State Fair.

The 2011 North Dakota State Fair Honorary Membership was presented to Trevor Rudland and Gaylin Schmidt. Trevor served as a full time State Fair Foreman of the maintenance crew from 1998-2009 and currently serves as the backstage supervisor during the Fair. Gaylin has provided cleaning services during the Fair since 1989. Both Trevor and Gaylin went above and beyond to help save our Grandstand and State Fair Center during the 2011 Flood . They are also North Dakota State Fair Foundation donors.

The final order of business was a plaque presented in honor of all North Dakota State Fair employees who worked throughout the flood. Each and every employee who assisted in some way during the flood was recognized and listed on the plaque. This plaque will hang in the North Dakota State Fair Center.

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