With the Norsk Hostfest just around the corner, the North Dakota State Fair Center would like to give you the opportunity to win some tickets! By joining the North Dakota State Fair Center Facebook page, you and a guest will have the chance to take in North America’s largest Scandinavian festival. In addition, these tickets also provide admission to the Trace Adkins Concert on Wednesday, Sept 28 at 7:30pm 2011.

The Norsk Hostfest is celebrating its 34th anniversary this year on September 27- October 1. Tens of thousands of people attend the event annually to celebrate and partake in the Scandinavian culture and entertainment. Over 200 internationally recognized artisans, craftsmen and chefs participate. The experience is an eclectic array of contemporary and traditional. The cuisine as well as the clothes, art and jewelry are authentic, fine quality and exquisitely unique. You’ll leave this event so full of Scandinavian culture, that you will be saying “Uff-da!” on your way out the door. (And possibly singing “Honky Tonk  Badonkadok” underneath your breath, after taking in the Trace Adkins concert.)

Join the North Dakota State Fair Center Facebook page and share your favorite Scandinavian treat or  Trace Adkins song to score a pair of tickets.  Winners will be drawn on Friday, September 23 at noon.





  1. “Just Fishin” is a great song! In his video the cute little girl is actually his daughter.

  2. My daughter and i love Trace! Her favorite song is Honky Tonk Badonkadok, because she thinks she has one!! My favorite treat is rommegrot. I tried it for the first time in high school while working at the Hostfest in 1987. Wait all year for it!

  3. I really like Hot Mama and Songs About Me. I would like to see Trace just to relax and forget about the flood and fixing my house.

  4. I would love to win a pair of Hostfest tickets and take in the Trace Adkins…take my sister that has never been to one….right now she is taking chemo treatments and has had a ruff road to recovey…she had breast cancer first got that cleared up and then had to have pancreaus surgery to remove part of it that was cancer ..few days ago she got an infection and also they thing she got a blood cloth for her finger is black and blue…so I wish I could win the tickets for her..

  5. Every Light in the House & One Hot Mama.. Favorite food is Lefsa. (gotta learn how to make it so can have some anytime I want it)

  6. Favorite Trace song(s) – you can’t have just one!- is ‘This Ain’t no Love Song’ and ‘Hillbilly Bone’…love his tunes. Favorite food has to be lefse with just about anything on it and thanks to Gramma know how to make it!

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