Tile the State Fair Atrium

As most Fairgoers know, the North Dakota State Fair plays a very important part in displaying the culture of North Dakota, teaching youth about agriculture and providing a great place for family, friends and tourists to gather annually. To assure the Fair’s continued success, the North Dakota State Fair Foundation was established.

The North Dakota State Fair is a welcoming, safe, family-friendly event focused on North Dakota’s agriculture and its youth, who represent the future. The Fair shows its pride in the state by placing an emphasis on agriculture, livestock, cultural exhibits, commercial exhibits, machinery exhibits and entertainment.

Fair enthusiasts can help us in our efforts to enhance and transform the North Dakota State Fair programs and grounds by offering their support through fundraising campaigns. The foundation’s first campaign is to tile the Upper Atrium of the State Fair Center.

A 1’ x 2’  tile can be purchased for $500 and a 1’ x 1’  tile can be purchased for $250. The tiles can be engraved with a family or business name, or in memory of someone special. The tiles are made of marble and are being installed in August and October of 2011. New tiles purchased after October will be installed every 6 months.  To purchase a tile visit our website at www.ndstatefairfoundation.com, click “Support the Fair!” on the right hand side, then click on the size of tile you would like to purchase. Tiles can also be purchased by contacting the State Fair Center at 1-701-857-7620.


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