Pedal Car Auction at Motor Magic

The 2nd Annual Souris Valley United Way Pedal Car Auction will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at 4pm during Motor Magic.  Last year’s car auction raised close to $10,000 for the United Way’s 2010 campaign and we’re hoping to do even better in 2011!

The primed but unfinished pedal car kits were put on sale for $105 each early this spring. Organizations and businesses purchased the cars and then began painting and modifying them. The finished cars were then put on display in local businesses throughout Minot.

The Motor Magic Classic Car Auction provides the venue for the auction a ND licensed auctioneer, and a ND licensed clerk at no cost to SVUW. The Auction will take place at 4pm in the Magic Place room of the State Fair Center. “Last year’s auction was a huge success and we are looking for just as great of an event for 2011,” commented SVUW Executive Director, Patricia Smith. To see all of the cars check out the 2011 Pedal Car Auction webpage.

Souris Valley United Way’s vision in fulfilling basic human needs encompasses our entire community, bringing us all together for the purpose of assisting with food, shelter, wellness, dignity, self-worth and the opportunity to be independent. Learn more about the Souris Valley United Way on their website.



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