Sharing Some Shade!

As much as we would like to schedule the weather to be the perfect temperature during all nine days of the fair, we just don’t have that power! So instead we have put in place the next best thing at the ND State Fairgrounds. In 2011, the most highly trafficked area of the ND State Fair, the food court, will be housing 16, 20 ft. in diameter, umbrellas. Each umbrella can cover up to five full-size picnic tables. Attendees can enjoy their favorite food court treat or just rest their feet while being protected from the sun, wind or rain, that the lovely North Dakota weather can bring.

The North Dakota State Fair would like to thank the following sponsors who are making these umbrellas possible: American Bank Center, BOS Roustabout, First International Bank, Food Services of America, Maintenance Plus, Inc., Strata Corporation and Target Roofing.

Each umbrella holds six colored panels and six large white panels. As a sponsor, your business’s logo will be located on three of the six white panels as a 24″ x 40″ imprint. The NDSF logo would be placed on the remaining three panels. These umbrellas are weather resistant and will remain up all nine days of the fair. If interested in sponsoring an umbrella, please contact Jennifer at 857-7620 or

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