Motor Magic and United Way Partner up for 2nd Annual Pedal Car Auction

In 2010 Motor Magic played host to the first annual Souris Valley United Way Pedal Car Auction which raised $9,100 for the Souris Valley United Way. Pedal cars are now available to be purchased by organizations for the Second Annual Pedal Car Auction.

Body shops or individuals can purchase one of 17 disassembled, primed pedal cars for $105.  The purchaser is then given complete artistic control to paint or modify the body of the pedal cars with any color combination or style they choose. Assembled pedal cars are to be turned in to the Souris Valley United Way by Wednesday, June 1, 2011.

After June 1 the pedal cars will be displayed in the community at area businesses and community functions as well as at under campaign, Pedal Car Auction. SVUW will provide signage for body shops to be included in the displays. The pedal cars will also be on display at the Motor Magic Classic Car Auction (MMCCA) during Labor Day weekend where they will be auctioned off at 4 pm on Saturday, Sept 3rd  during Motor Magic in the State Fair Center.

All proceeds from the pedal car auction will be donated directly to the SVUW to be included in their 2011 campaign. The MMCCA is providing the venue for the auction a ND licensed auctioneer, and a ND licensed clerk at no cost to SVUW. “Last year’s auction was a huge success and we are looking for just as great of an event for 2011,” commented SVUW Executive Director, Patricia Smith. Those interested are encouraged to purchase their pedal car soon from the United Way by calling 839-2994. “There are only eight pedal car kits left as we’ve already had great interest from area body shops and the public,” added Smith.

Check out the cars that were auctioned off last year at the Souris Valley United Way website!

To stay up to date on Motor Magic check out the 2011 Motor Magic website and the Motor Magic Facebook Page to stay up to date!

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