Wanna Race??

The Enduro Race, an  annual favorite, is scheduled for Monday, July 26 at 7pm in front of the brand-spankin’ new Grandstand. Get you’re motor runnin’ as cold hard cash prizes will be awarded. Make sure to check out the official rules and  regulations for the 2010 State Fair Enduro Race to get signed up.

The Dacotah Bank Demolition Derby is Tuesday, July 27 at 7pm also in front of the Grandstand. Only the bravest of drives will dare to compete in this all out auto bash. Cash prizes will be awarded. See the rules and regualtion for the car crushing of the 2010 State Fair Demo Derby.

Not in it to win it? Both the Enduro Race and Demo Derby are included in the Grandstand Showpass with all seats being General Admission. Individual tickets will be sold the day of each event  – $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

Listed here are some of the rules and regulations for entering the Enduro Race or Demo Derby. Check out the complete list of Nodak’s rules and regulations.

Race Procedures

1. All cars have five (5) minutes to report to the track for packing when notified. NO EXCEPTIONS! The order of packing will be as follows: IMCA Hobby Stocks, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Modifieds. All cars must pack when called upon.

2. Prior to each race the race officials shall conduct a drivers meeting for the interpretation of the rules and any specific regulations applying to that race. All drivers and pitmen are required to attend and will be held responsible for the matters discussed at the drivers meetings as if they had been present. All drivers and pit crews must be present on the front straight-away for the playing of the American and Canadian national anthems. The race program will not continue until everyone is present.

3. Cars will be lined up in the pits before each event (race). When the one lap to go signal is given the race track will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter the upcoming race.

4. There will be no less than five (5) cars per race. The number of cars in a heat will be determined by the race officials.

5. The Pit Steward or Lap Counters may change the line-up if necessary.

6. Racing before the green flag will result in disqualification at the flagman’s discretion.

7. Any car who’s speed is greatly less than the others competing may be considered by track officials a safety hazard and may be removed from the racing surface.

8. All on track incidents are subject to the flagman’s discretion as to the realignment of the cars. Cars that complete a green flag lap before the caution flag will be given credit for that lap. Cars that do not cross the flag stand prior to the caution will be aligned according to the last completed lap. All cars will remain on the lead lap.

9. The flagman and race officials have the right to disqualify anyone for an event or for the rest of the nights racing for misconduct or not complying with the rules.

10. The flagman is in complete control during the race and may disqualify or reposition any cars at his discretion. Calls which involve the exercise of judgment on the part of the flagman are final and binding.

11. Points go to the driver.

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