Vendor Spotlight: Wagner’s Wagon

Wagner’s Wagon is a ma and pa operation that specializes in homemade goodies; such as mini and large kuchens, mini pecan pies, homemade ice cream and fudge. These products will be offered through the duration of the fair. The mini kuchens are baked on site and the large kuchens are baked and frozen for later consumption. They offer ice cream cones, dishes and sundaes and pints of our frozen custard. These products are made from family recipes and some varieties are unique and one of a kind.

You can find this vender in Commercial Building II #1074 and #1075 all nine days of the Fair.


  1. Its too bad I cannot make it this year! Heading to Sioux Falls, SD for a family reunion (slash family rebellion) 🙂

    Does Wagner’s Wagon travel the state or have a website to order food from?

  2. I’m from Leeds ND – we are having a 125th year celebration on July 15th and 16th. Since the ND State fair is only a few days after our celebration – would you be interested in setting up your booth in Leeds on your way to the ND State Fair?

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