2010 State Fair Window Clings

Hot off the press – our new 2010 State Fair window clings. Now’s the fun part, time to give some away! In honor of the Showpass going on sale Thursday morning, leave us a comment telling us what your all time favorite State Fair concert was. We want to know why it fits with our slogan “What a Ride” and at 2pm tomorrow we’ll choose five comments and send you a cling for the window of your ride.


  1. My all time favorite State Fair concert was Rick Springfield, and the reason he fits with your “What a Ride” promotion is because his career is like a roller coaster. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but it always comes back around.

  2. My all-time favorite concert at the NDSF was Def Leppard!! Not only are they an all time great rock band, they’re career has also been up and down. From the “Wild Ride” drummer Rick Allen was on that caused him to lose his arm to the all time high of the album “Hysteria”- I will never forget that concert!!

  3. My favorite all time concert was MATCHBOX 20!!!!! they were amazing! i think that he fits “what a ride” because his songs had everyone on a ride to singing along, or rocking out with friends he was great!!

  4. My favorite every year is the flickertail Gardens…no matter what is going on the at the fair the Flicker always makes it an “What A Ride” Night! Thanks to all the Flickertail employee’s you make it possible to enjoy the night!

  5. My favorite concert at the State Fair would have to be Motely Crue in 09′. I think that Motely Crue represents “What A Ride” because they were CRAZY with the 2 dancers,different stage changes, and the FIRE shooting from the stage! MAN was it CRAZY!

  6. The reason they fit into “What a Ride” is because they have been playing for many years, and they still got it!

  7. I’ve been to a lot of State Fair Concerts over the years, and nothing can compare to Taylor Swift and last years record breaking crowd. She had everyone “Riding High”

  8. “What A Ride” what was the greatest ride a grandma could have? Attending the Taylor Swift concert with my grand-daughter, me being a +50 year old with my grand-daughter of 10 years old. PRICELESS

  9. My all time favorite was the Beach Boys. Everyone was dressed in beach wear and Hawaiian wear. It was as if you were on a beach with the waves splashing around you. It was as if you could just run into the ocean and ride a big wave.

  10. My favorite was also the 1991 Garth Brooks concert, he was not as well known then but I knew every word to every song. The best part of his concert was when he jumped from one semi-trailer to another, we were way in the wings and got to see him close up!!

  11. Taylor Swift was by far the best concert!! We took our family and everyone had a great time. Our 2 girls totally enjoyed her!!Thank you for the great time.

  12. My all time favorite concert is TAYLOR SWIFT… She can put on a show! My 3 yr old daughter and I stood in line for hours before the show and when Taylor came on stage the look on my daughters face was PRICLESS!!! It was well worth the wait.

  13. Can’t remember the concert but riding the rides after the rodeo and thought why I am I so sick. Realized on the ride home I might finally be expecting after trying for 5 years realized at NDSF – I was going to have a baby. Nine years later still can’t ride the rides but love the concerts.

  14. I think the Sawyer Brown Bands concert some 25 years ago was probably one of the Wildest Rides the Fair has ever saw. They came out and played hard the whole night. With Miller slideing from side to side of the stage the whole crowd went crazy. For a group just off of Star Search they really rocked and still do to this day.

  15. Hmmm…Alabama? Oak Ridge Boys? Kenny Rogers? Garth Brooks? Reba McEntire? It is so hard to choose a favorite! I will have to go with Clay Walker/Trace Adkins in 2008 because we introduced our kids to the fun of State Fair concerts! It was a great, energetic show and they loved it! To me, “What a Ride” means that there is sooooo much to do at the fair from morning to night, that it is a CRAZY, FUN RIDE trying to fit it all in!

  16. I’m not sure which concert we were at, but I was pulling my boyfriend through the crowd by the hand to get closer to the band and ran into my brother. The two had never met. That boyfriend became my husband and “What A Ride” we have been on. We’ve been married almost 9 years!

  17. my best time was when you had foriegns were there thery played all night long. they started from front to the end of there new music. you cant beat there band.

  18. We purchased tickets for the Garth Brooks concert for $8.00 each! He was named entertainer of the year the week before this preformance. He put on the a spectacular “Garth show” to a sold out crowd. What a Ride we had. It was a night we still talk about.


  20. Taylor Swift was my all time favourite concert, she takes your hand and puts on a magical show just as thrilling as any of the NDSF rides!

  21. my favotit time at statefair was taylor swift she was so awsome and the traffic jam was too!

  22. I would have to say that Motley Crue was the best concert Ive ever seen, the fire, lights girls girls girls!!! It was quite the ride the show, thats what we need up here, and Iam thinking that KISS will be will be a crazy ride!!

  23. i would have to say that every concert that the state fair has had. that it would be a different experience for everyone being from the first to the last of the enjoyment so it either begins has this concert at the fair will be a ride and most likely ending with wow that concert “WHAT A RIDE!”

  24. For me it was in the 80’s when The Beach Boys would come to the fair and it would be so hot they used to bring in firetruck to spray the crowd and The Beach Boys started to play KOKOMO from the at the time unreleased movie COCKTAIL straring TOM CRUISE then the band brought out all these surf boards and there were actually people surfing on the crowd not now if that isnt “WHAT A RIDE” is then i dont no what one is.

  25. I loved the motly crue concert last year the grandstands I swear where going to fall during the show. they vibrated and shook during the fire waorks

  26. Hello North Dakota ! Just moved here and What a ride we are still on! I loved the State Fair in Minnesota But I cant wait to go to the North Dakota State Fair and contiune this Ride through my journey in being a new resident and meeting all the great people of ND at the Fair. I did go by the Fair grounds and WOW it looks awesome ! You folks are going to make this ride here something to write home about

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