2016 NDSF Special Events & Contests Winners


Junior – 13 & Under

  • Adam Vasichek of Bismarck, Best of Division and Best of Show, “Vladimir Morozov”
  • Gunnar Berg of BISMARCK, blue ribbon, “Bounty”

 Young Adult – 14-20

  • Madeline Broedel of Grand Forks, Best of Division, “Tribute to Li-Young Lee’s The Gift”
  • Lilee Friesen of Ryder, blue ribbon, “January 14, 2190

Adult – 21 & over

  • Brad Hall of Minot, Best of Division
  • Brad Peterson of Bismarck, blue ribbon, “Mike”

Heritage – 20 & Under

  • Erik Johnson of Valley City, Best of Division, “The ‘Back Forty’ Driving Academy and Related Tales
  • Madeline Westereng of Grand Forks, blue ribbon

Heritage – 21 & Over

  • Radigan Neuhalfen of Towner, Best of Division, “Vera’s Washing Machine”
  • Doris Carlson of Mandan, blue ribbon, “Thunderhawk, Indian Pony”



Sponsored by United Community Bank

The Pedal Pull took place right in the center of the Fairgrounds. Kids ages 4 – 12 were able to show their strength on the tiny tractor. First, second and third place winners for each age group are listed below.

 4 Year Olds

  1. Kolby Ferm, MINOT
  2. Owen Stayer, MINOT
  3. Brayson Heidt, MINOT

 5 year olds

  1. Parker Kok, PLAZA
  2. Karver Balerud, MINOT
  3. Nathan Fredrickson, DEERING

6 year olds

  1. Kale Risbrudt, MINOT
  2. Allison Nelson, COLUMBUS
  3. Brooke Berger, MINOT

7 year olds

  1. Matthew Abel, MINOT
  2. Waylon Bruhn, STANLEY
  3. Kynsli Gillmore, MINOT

8 year olds

  1. Brock Berger, MINOT
  2. Ally Parlsien, BELCOURT
  3. Peydon Adolph, BUFFALO

9 year olds

  1. Bryson Moser, MANDAN
  2. Samuel Abel, MINOT
  3. Amy Mikkelson, MINOT

10 year olds

  1. Lisa Vetter, MINOT
  2. Ariah Minnifield, MINOT
  3. Michael Zenz, MAX

11 year olds

  1. Clancy Adolph, BATTLEVIEW b
  2. Bear Larson, GARRISON
  3. Kasey Faul, MAX

12 year olds

  1. Anna Arnett, BISMARCK
  2. Jaelynn Ness, WEST FARGO
  3. Stephanie Zenz, MAX



In a teeny tiny version of the classic barrel racing, kids ages 2-6 had the chance to bounce their horse around barrels that were more their size. Winners in each age bracket listed below:

2 & 3 year olds

  1. Liam Messer, 3, BISMARCK
  2. Alaina LaPorte, 3, MINOT

4 & 6 year olds

  1. Cayden Bokan, 6, BISMARCK
  2. Chloe Ament, 4, MINOT
  3. Andin Barlan, 4, ESTEVAN,SK



All were welcome to take a shot at milking our milking cow Bessie. The wood and plastic cow lets competitors see just how much milk they can produce in just 15 seconds. Winners in each category listed below.:


  1. Carsten Peterson, BISMARCK
  2. Leah Whetter, ST. LOUIS, MO
  3. Mandy Semm, MINOT
  4. Patrick Bowlby, MINOT
  5. Annike Gaebe, BISMARCK


  1. Ashley Miller, BALDWIN
  2. Brandy Semm, MINOT
  3. Ceylan Feiring, POWERS LAKE
  4. Amanda Webb, SURREY
  5. Cyrstal Klosterman, MINOT


  1. Lance Gaebe, BISMARCK
  2. Joe Webb, SURREY
  3. Mark Sundquist, BALDWIN



There are certainly some talented people in North Dakota and they showcased their talents at the North Dakota State Fair. The Junior division featured ages 15 and under and the Senior Division featured ages  16 and over. Winners in each division are listed below:

Junior Division

  1. Jaymin Williams of DUNSEITH, singing
  2. Kiara Rose, DUNSEITH, singing
  3. Sara Birdsall, CARPIO, singing and playing guitar

Senior Division

  1. Frank Williams, DUNSEITH, singing
  2. Mikaela Enget, SURREY, singing
  3. Steven Ellingson, SHERWOOD, playing piano

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