An unforgettable AG experience!

Though there’s still a lot going on these last few days of the North Dakota State Fair, we urge you to take a few moments to check out some of the Agriculture aspects of the Fair! We’ve compiled a list of some things you can check out to get back to the Fair’s roots and get a rich AG experience!


Young boy feeding goats at a petting zoo

We have many barns that still have animals for you to check out! Take a few minutes to wander through each barn, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the animals- their handlers are very proud of them after all!


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You can come visit our CROP PLOT sponsored by Dish Network in the SRT State Fair Park near Kids’ Kingdom to see how our crops are doing! You’ll get to see corn, soybeans, canola, and potatoes close up as they grow in this area that we’ve partnered up with the Granville FFA Chapter and NDSU Extension Office to plant and keep healthy!



More crops and other plants are still available for viewing in the North Dakota State Fair Center! Take a few moments to cool off in our air-conditioned building and come in to see all of the agricultural exhibits that people from across the state have entered!



Have you seen our AG EXPERIENCE signs? Our 8 foot by 4 foot signs are hung up around the Fairgrounds and include information about various farming and agricultural aspects. See if you can find all of them!



You’re really missing out if you haven’t walked down MACHINERY ROW! You can see literal tons of heavy equipment between the State Fair Center and Commercial II, and feel free to ask questions about how they work and what they do! After all, they’re the reason you’re able to put food on the table!

Our agricultural aspects are just one part of the North Dakota State Fair, but they’re an extremely important theme that has helped shape the Fair for over 50 years. Take a few moments to check them out, and let us know below what your favorite AG experience is!

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