Heartland Ag Showcase 2015

 Mark your calendar for November 17 -18, 2015

Heartland Ag2015

The Heartland Ag Showcase is new and improved for its 2015 debut this November. This agricultural trade show is being held at the North Dakota State Fair Center.  Visitors and Exhibitors alike come from all around the state for this opportunity to learn more about the agricultural industry, giving both visitors and exhibitors the rewarding experience of learning and growing together as well as to take action with year end purchases/sales of seed, fertilizers, chemicals, tractors, balers and other equipment.

PARMALEE Concert to follow Tuesday’s Show

Take a short drive over to the Minot Municipal Auditorium Complex .
Doors open at 6:30 pm.  Pre-Show at 7:30 pm.  PARMALEE at 8:00 pm.
Purchase tickets online at www.heartlandagshowcase.com or purchase hard copy tickets at Artistic Floors & Lights, Elevation Restaurant, Northern Testing, Hyatt House, and Subway.

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