9 Days of Giveaways on Snapchat!

The GREAT. BIG. FUN of the North Dakota State Fair is now on Snapchat!

To kick off our first Fair Snapchat season, we are doing 9 days of giveaways via Snapchat! The rules are simple:

1. Join us on Snapchat!

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2. Questions will be posted to our snapstory randomly throughout the day every day–so make sure you’re keeping up!

3. When you figure out the answer to a question, hurry to the State Fair Center Office to tell us and claim your prize! Answers sent via Snapchat message WILL NOT be accepted. You MUST come to the State Fair Office with your answer in order to claim the prize.

4. Each person can only win one prize per day.


Prizes are sponsored by: Medora, Verizon – Wired Cellular, Applebee’s, Leilani’s Salon & Spa, Caribbean Color Tanning, Gorilla Games, Schatz Crossroads, Sears, Domino’s Pizza, and Panera Bread.

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