Not-Quite Newlywed Contest

Whether you’ve been married 1 day or 100 years, we bet you know a lot about your spouse: What their favorite song is, who their celebrity look-a-like is, what kind of shoes they prefer . . . the list goes on and on! You also know a lot about yourselves as a couple: Where you would go if you could go on a second (or first) honeymoon, the oddest location you’ve shared a kiss, each other’s biggest pet peeves . . .

The question is: do you agree with these answers? If you think you and your spouse are on the same wavelength 24/7 and could answer absolutely any question thrown at you, enter our Not-Quite Newlywed contest!

Rumor has it the grand prize is a pretty sweet deal coming from the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. 😉 Check out more details and register here.

May the most in-sync couple win!

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