All of Us- Vendor Spotlight

Bill and I started our company some 21 years ago now. After we lost our family farm in the 80’s we decided to turn to America’s dinner table.

We introduced only 3 soup mixes and 6 dip mixes to begin our company. We prepared these in our home kitchen just like most everyone else does that starts this type of operation. We have grown from there over the last 20 years to owning our own licensed and inspected facility in Northeast Louisiana and we now produce 17 soup mixes, 25 dip mixes, 15 cheeseball mixes and a complete line of muffin and dinner bread mixes. These are all our family’s recipes that we picked straight from the cotton fields of our home parish in Northeast Louisiana. Each and every bag of mix is hand measured, sealed and labeled.

Creamy Caramel

We are very proud of what we do and what we  have become. We don’t use a lot of complicated machinery. just a lot of “elbow grease” and very long tiring hours of production. We sell our products at arts and craft shows primarily. We use only the best ingredients. We promised ourselves many years ago, that we would never sacrifice our product quality for the bottom line and we have kept that promise. And I might also add, that all of our four sons, Will, Wade, Robert and Jeffery are all involved in this family business. It certainly is a blessing that we can all support our families on this endeavor.

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