Lee Unlimited Power Bench- Vendor Spotlight

The Lee Unlimited Power Bench® is adjustable in height from 30 to 41 inches.


It takes less than a minute to set up this heavy-duty portable workbench. When you’re done, it folds up into a 2-wheeled cart and stores out of the way. You can use your imagination to make this bench work for you in a lot of different ways. It’s ideal for holding a metal chop saw and strong enough to hold oil field pipe. Power miter saw, or table saw. It can also be used for a welding table. By placing a plywood on top of the bench, it allows you to convert it into a workbench for mechanical work. It also works great for camp tables or a shooting bench. “You can see how it works in Commercial 1 or our new website: www.powerbench.com. How easy they are to set up, The Power Bench® will pay for itself in improved productivity and saving your body.”PowerBench 3

You just need to ask yourself,   “Do I like working on my knees?”


PowerBench 2

Phone toll free 866-299-2371 or 605-365-6968; Website: www.powerbench.com.

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