Tweasure Hunt

Where: North Dakota State Fairgrounds

When: July 18-26

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Can you solve the clues and find the tickets first?


Follow @NDStateFair on Twitter each day of the Fair to receive hourly clues to the location of a grand prize hidden somewhere on the Fairgrounds.


  1. Clues will be tweeted each day hourly from 9am-5pm.
  2. When participants believe they are at the site where the tickets are hidden, they will need to say the “special code” which had been tweeted earlier in the day.
  3. If participants are at the right site, they will be handed a certificate which can be redeemed for the actual tickets at the North Dakota State Fair Office located on the second floor of the All Seasons Arena.


The participant who follows the clues to find the tickets the fastest will win each night! There is only one winner per night.

Prizes will include:

July 18: 2 tickets to Lady Antebellum

July 19: 24 Carnival Ride Tickets

July 20: 24 Carnival Ride Tickets

July 21: 2 tickets to NPRA Championship Bull Riding

July 22: 2 tickets to NPRA Championship Bull Riding

July 23: 2 tickets to Randy Houser

July 24: 2 tickets to Florida Georgia Line

July 25: 2 tickets to Three Days Grace

July 26: 2 tickets to Brad Paisley

The winner each day will be showcased on our Twitter account!

*Remember the odds of becoming a winner depends on the number of times you follow the clues!

**Participants are encouraged to “share” this contest link via social media channels including: Twitter!

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