Hip Hop… Giddy Up!

Barrel racing is all about precision and speed, but this year at the fair we are taking it to a whole new level. One that is a little more… bouncy! The Hippity Hop Barrel Race is a new event ¬†for all the little barrel racers 2 to 6 years old! Contestants will bounce around the barrel racing pattern, and the fastest completed time wins the show!

The event is split into two categories, 2-3 year olds and 4-6 year olds. The 2-3 year olds are allowed to be accompanied by parents throughout the course. The 4-6 year olds must complete the pattern alone. There is no penalty for falling off but contestants must bounce on the ball the whole time! Just get back on and ride it out cowboy!

Hippity Hop Barrel Racing will be held around the Dakota Talent Stage on Monday July 21, at 3:00 PM. Pre-register here. If your little buckaroo has what it takes to speed through the course sign them up here! It’s sure to be a great time for the whole family!hippyhophorses2

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