MSU Celebrates 100 Years!

As we approach our Centennial and remember those who have contributed to Minot State University, we are proud of our great university and its traditions of learning and service.

MSULearning depends on knowing one’s sense of direction, appreciating our history, our people, our traditions, our sense of purpose, and then doing something meaningful and important for the good of others. In Vision 2013, one of our strategies is to know our place, not in a sense of class or status, but in the sense of truly understanding what it takes to contribute to others and the common good. At Minot State, we’re proud as our graduates know their “place” and eagerly share with others how Minot State University has influenced their lives.


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Stop by and visit MSU’s staff at Minot State’s booth in commercial building #2 – we are #1053.  We’ll give you a centennial gift and demonstrate MSU’s rich 100 year history through stories, pictures and videos. We’d love to hear your stories as well


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