Let your Redneck side shine!

4688299982_903ec20a4b_nIt’s fast, it’s furious, it’s… Redneck? North Country Mercantile is sponsoring the Redneck Relay Race for its second year! This fast paced event will be held on Sunday, July 21st at 3:30 pm near the Dakota Talent Stage. Teams of two will battle it out using brains and strength to overcome obstacles including mason jars, whipped cream, and watermelons covered with Crisco. Competitors must complete a five step relay race with a partner faster than the other teams in order to be named the ultimate redneck.

Teammates can work together or just one member may tackle each step; however, teams must move forward to the next step together. There will be three attempts allowed per step. If none of the three attempts are successful, then teams may move on to the next step. Contestants are encouraged to register online at www.ndstatefair.com/specialevents and wear a team uniform or clothes that are worth rolling around in the mud. If you and a friend would like to put your Redneckin’ skills to the test or prove that you truly are a Redneck at heart, then this is the contest for you! Sign up by Monday, July 15th to secure your spot in this out of the ordinary event. Registration is also available at North Country Mercantile.


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