Feed a Sting Ray!

Stop by the Live Stingray exhibit at the 2013 North Dakota State Fair! This exhibit is hands on, all animals on display are safe to touch. Guests learn about stingrays as well as other sea creatures while actually touching or feeding them. The tank is built high so visitors can get “face to face” with the animals. These rays are very smart and can be taught to eat out of your hand!

All the rays in the exhibit have had their defensive barb removed so they are safe to touch. These barbs grow back in time, so when we return the rays to the wild they can defend themselves again. Removing the barb does not hurt the animal and makes them as safe to touch as a house cat!

Some of the other creatures that will be on display are Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Star Fish, Conchs.  Static displays include products made from stingray pelts as well as the stinger from a giant stingray.


Make sure you check out the Sea Life Encounters of America at Stage 1 from noon-8pm daily during the State Fair, July 19-27 sponsored by Trinty!


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