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With so many great event, exhibit and contest possibilities at the Fair, how do you keep them all straight? By logging on to the of course! The website offers everything fair enthusiasts need to know about the summer’s biggest event, right at their fingertips. Guests can buy concert tickets or gate passes, find out about the free stages and even register for many special events.

A great feature on the State Fair’s web page is the Plan Your Day feature. Fairgoers can map out their days at the North Dakota State Fair with special Website Screen Shotevents, concerts and free stages. while surfing the website, when guests come across an event that they would like to attend they simply click “+Add to my schedule.” Once they have filled their day up, guests can print this schedule and bring it with them so they won’t miss any Great. Big. Fun. at the North Dakota State Fair!

For those Fairgoers who are interested in taking part in our competitive exhibits such as baking, needlework, photography and more check out the online exhibitor handbook for rules, regulations and registration.

Want the latest updates? Check out the “Daily News” section. Here, the North Dakota State Fair team blogs about exciting things happening out at the Fairgrounds, both during the Fair and year round. It’s the best way to keep up to date with all things Fair.

The newly revised site also features a Food Finder section. Wander the Fairgrounds aimlessly searching for your Fair favorites no more! Guests can now log on to the Food Finder to search for their favorite foods and find out what cool new treats will be available at the Fair.  Each search result will feature a picture of the booths selling the food and also a map showing guests where on the Fairgrounds they can find those vendors.

To make North Dakota State Fair info and updates even more accessible, a new mobile site is now available. Now, Fairgoers utilizing smartphones can browse through the website with ease. Exciting features of the new mobile site include purchasing tickets, countdown to the Fair, quick access to general Fair info and more!



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