Run the Route Results

The results are in for the Run the Route Race. We had just about 400 runners up and at em this morning ushering in the ND State Parade. The 5k Race began at Our Reedem’s Church on South Hill and the 1 mile run started on Valley Street. All the runners had a great time running the race!


The top 10 finisher in the 5K were

1. Max Boeckel- Minot

2. Dylan Weber- Minot

3. Alex Buchholz- Minot

4. Scotty Hale- Parshall

5. Allan Mcgeough- Minot

6. Marisa Thorson- Tacoma, WA

7. Jeffery Steen- Minot

8. Paul Clark- Minot

9. Lane Oversen- Kildeer

10. Chase Hale- Parshall


The Results of the 1 Mile Run were

1.Lainey Sandber- MinotDSCN1943

2. Cody Burke- Minot

3. Shanell Grant- Minot AFB

4. Ben Lane- Minot

5. William Clark-Minot

6. Ingrid Nelson-Minot

7. Julia Bogenrief-Minot

8. Kallie Holmen-Minot

9. Nancy Beck-Minot

10. Jane Peterson-Jane


  1. Are they going to post the results? Did not see what I finished I was too Busy running back to my car!

  2. For complete race results, “like” Mile One Running Shop on Facebook. There is a post for “Run The Route” and Bazusports.

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