Its Time to Relax!

We ofer the TranquiLounger, a commercial quality full body, therapeutic massage recliner. We have an optional far infrared healing pad with natural jade producing negative ions and deep penetrating healing heat.

Massage relaxes the muscles and takes the pressure off of nerves, arteries and veins which reduces pain and restores blood flow. With reduced pain, consumers sleep better, wake up more refreshed and have more energy. With restored blood flow, more oxygen gets to the brain and more food to the vital organs. The back stretch function takes the pressure off of the discs, nerves and blood vessels in the spinal colmn.

The reflexology foot massage can open up sinuses and get rid of headaches. The nerves on the bottom of your feet interact with your entire body. You can help your body and your health with reflexology foot massage. It’s also fantastic for relieving PLATARS FASCITITS.

By reversing in the massage chair, the hip and thigh area is worked instead of the back, giving relief from SCIATIC NERVE problems- the only chair on the market specifically esigned for this!!

The format of the healing pad is totally flexible and made to mold to an area of discomfort for ultimate healing benefit and temporary, localized pain relief.

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