Kasswinns, Inc.

We manufacture fun unique outdoor products.

The top sellers are

Liquid Caddy- the “Ultimate Beverage Holder.” It comes with 4 attachments so you can attach it ANYWHERE- Bike, Boat, Scooter, Wheelchair, Motorcycle, Tractor, Lawnmower, Lawn Chair…….

DoubleUp Can Koozie- A Koozie that holds 2 cans because one is never enough!It also holds a 24 oz Tall Boy

Double Up Can Cooler

Gulp Gripper- It pus a handle on any size cup 12oz, red solo cup, and up to the 52 oz Big Gulp

Gulp Grabber

The Knotter- A tool to help you tie the perfect fishing knot EVERYTIME!

Check out the website at www.kasswinn.com or at the fair in Commercial II at the North Dakota State Fair!

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