Diaper Derby is Back!


…But this year we have also added a Toddler Trot to the mix!

Is your toddler ready to trot? How about your little one who is still crawling around in a diaper? Are they ready to derby to the finish line? If so, sign them up for the 2012 North Dakota State Fair Diaper Derby and Toddler Trot! To enter your Diaper Derbier they must be under the age of 12 months and born after June 25, 2011. Toddler trotters must be under the age of 24 months and born after June 25, 2010.

Sponsored by Town & Country Credit Union, Derby contestants will have to crawl 25 feet from start to finish. Parents are allowed to cheer on their favorite derbier at the finish line with any bribery tools they wish.

Trotters must trot 50 feet to the finish line and parents are, once again, more than welcome to wait their beloved trotter at the finish line with any toys, snacks and/or treats to bribe their trotter to go a little faster than the rest.

Pre-registration forms are available online  or contestants may register July 24 at 12:30pm at the Dakota Talent Stage. Pre-registration is highly recommended, but not required.

All pre-registrations should be received by Monday, July 16 at 5pm. Please send all entries to:

Attn: Diaper Derby & Toddler Trot
North Dakota State Fair
PO Box 1796
Minot, ND 58702

See you and your little one at the Fair!

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